Our Story

We wanted to create something for you, the people. We were sick of seeing poor quality CBD products on the market, solely due to their large pockets and marketing ability. So with no funding and no business plan, we quit our full-time jobs and started pursuing our mission. A mission to help people feel better, live better and compete better. At SteerLyfe, we believe everyone deserves to live life to the fullest, so we are doing something about it, and CBD is just the start

 – Colton and Alec, Founders

This One's for You

You are the hero in this story, SteerLyfe is just your guide.  Ever get frustrated reading labels? Spend hours researching products, trying to find a better alternative?That stops now. 

Let SteerLyfe take care of that s*** so you can sit back, live lyfe, and be your best self.  


SteerLyfe is more than a brand. It stands for what we believe in. We understand this life is more than just about us, and even more than just about you. 

Our endless mission to positively impact the world and be a part of the solution drives every decision we make. From our ethical partnerships to our ingredient standards and sustainable packaging collections, we promise to put the health of the environment, and of others, above all else.  

Pursuit of Passion

Our passion is to help people increase their quality of life. Even if it’s something as small (or as big) as a smile. 

We hope SteerLyfe help’s you feel better, sleep better, and be better. Giving you more energy, letting you feel best in your own body, and allowing you to THINK bigger. We share this passion to inspire you to inspire others. Now let’s go pay it forward.